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Searching for expert plumbers and heating engineers? You have come to the right place. At APG Heating & Plumbing, we are committed to delivering top-notch solutions at competitive rates. Call 07825 444430 and be on your way to better home comfort in no time!

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A Different Kind of Tradesman

You may be hesitant to call for help with your boiler, water heater, or gas appliance. You may have had a negative experience in the past and are simply planning to resign yourself to the fact that you will just tolerate the problem as it develops. But this could be damaging your home, wasting energy and increasing your bills.

This is why APG Heating and Plumbing is so committed to high quality customer service. We want you to know that there is a team of professionals in Swindon who can get your problem under control without hassle. To accomplish this, we only hire the best engineers to join our team.

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Personalised Solutions

What differentiates us from other plumbing and heating companies is our dedication to creating a bespoke and tailored experience for our customers. Our team provide quality workmanship, using tried and tested products and materials, and we are deliver on every step of the project.

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